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Dyke End, South Ronaldsay, Orkney
KW17 2TJ Tel: 01856 831463
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Legend has it the Orkney Islands are inhabited by a magical race of seal people or 'selkies' so beautiful that anyone will instantly who sees them fall in love...

When the haunting sound of seals' song echoes across the mystical landscape of Orkney's lonely beaches, we can almost believe the legends...

Seals are of course wild animals, who face an array of environmental pressures in their struggle for survival. Orkney is one of the most important breeding sites of two species of seal, the common and the grey.

The work of Orkney Seal Rescue

Seals face many dangers, often as a result of human activities. Seals suffer injury due to discarded fishing nets & rubbish; illness due to polluted seas and starvation due to over-fishing.

Orkney Seal Rescue works to protect seals, rescuing sick, injured and abandoned animals. We are a registered charity founded in 1988 to cope with a virus which killed over 18,000 common seals. We fight to save seals and raise awareness to their plight. We rely on public support and business sponsorship.

We need your help.

Orkney Seal Rescue
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